Saturday, May 16, 2009

Funny Pizza

I made a funny sort of pizza last weekend.

Fresh and Easy has a great whole-wheat, pre-made pizza dough in their refrigerated section. It's perfect for those tail end of provisions moments where you just grab what you have left and throw it on.

I simmered some sauce using canned, no salt peeled tomatoes, dried herbs: basil, parsley. A bit of Agave nectar. I might have tipped in a splash of Marsala wine.

I cut up the last of the mushrooms and the last stalks of green onion. I even hid in a few mint leaves for fun. I then cracked a couple eggs on top. The fridge was seriously barren...was that a tumbleweed rolling around in there?

The egg turned out odd because it was overcooked. It certainly looked cool. The sauce was very nice and mushrooms too. I even liked the mint, which Sergio thought was strange. He liked it overall, sans egg and mint. Next time, tumbleweed pizza!

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