Our House: The Landscaping

International Rummy.  Those are @spinadesign 's parents in from Italy! Loving life.

We've worked really hard to create an outdoor space that we love. It's an ever evolving project but we've accomplished a lot since we moved into the house in 2009. And we do love it.

Wine by firelight. Yup.

In fact, our backyard makes an appearance in our wonderful maternity portraits, so beautifully shot by Maggie Keegan Gross!

Blog post on my maternity portraits! Link in profile. Thank you @maggie_kg - LOVE them!

And before that, we were pleased as punch to have it part of the Big Jambox Pinterest campaign, shot by the lovely Laure Joliet. You can see those shots here and here.

@ljoliet makin magic in our yard. @ljoliet from the other day. Love her top.

Landscaping Projects

At some point I'm going to list all the projects completed and outstanding. But well, not right now. It's 11:22 PM and my baby's snoozing away in his bassinet which means I should be snoozing away too.

Farmer Sergio

The Landscaping Posts

Anyway, here's a link to all the posts I've tagged with the word, landscaping.

Below is a quick roundup of some of my favorite landscaping posts:

We got decked!

The Landscaping: Decomposed Granite Patio, check!

The Landscaping: Gravel Patio, check!

Searching for Dinosaurs

The Landscaping: The Back Yard

Psst! We were lucky to have our backyard posted on Apartment Therapy. (The same post twice. I don't know why.)

Elsie's Evolving Outdoor Room
Elsie & Sergio's Budget Backyard

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