Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th, 2009

A Long Beach Aquarium store

We concentrated on house stuff all weekend, including picking up more great furniture pieces!

First we drove out to Long Beach to purchase a table for our breakfast nook. On the way, we saw oil pumps along Cherry Ave. I remember seeing the ones dotted at the base of Dodger Stadium as a kid. They no longer seem to be active. It just seems odd to have one at McDonald's

We met up with the aforementioned table seller's son at their beautiful little Craftsman bungalow. The doorbell was a series of deep chimes that came from these long tube bells. Neat-o. We saw, we hearted, we bought!

Pictured here later that night, my fam sitting at said table, looking at Jenny's wedding photos online.

After leaving the LBC, we drove to Eagle Rock and lunched at Mediterranean Triangle. Can't beat a delicious luleh lunch special for $4.99! The rice was especially nice!

Post lunch, we dropped the table off at home and jetted off to our next furniture appt in Downtown -- for the perfect coffeetable. I was not immediately loving it as much as Sergio but it has definitely grown on me. Pictures forthcoming when I get the room pulled together. We met up with this guy who was selling it for this girl who had just moved down from SF. I have to comment that we have met the nicest people during the last few weeks!

That evening, we spent a low-key evening with pizza and the neighborhood fireworks.

NOTE: Micio escaped again last night but we didn't notice immediately. When we began wondering where she was, she was long gone, and she hasn't shown up yet. With the new terrain and scary fireworks booming all night, she must have been so scared. We are very worried. :(

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