Saturday, July 4, 2009

Furniture Finds

After Myfa left last Saturday, we were making the final move trip for the day when Sergio and I spied someone selling furniture on the street while on the way to the new house. I saw some great potential breakfast nook chairs. So, Sergio and Chi unloaded my mom's RAV-4 and headed back out to the sale. They came back with these:

They took off the legs to fit into the car.

Apparently, Sergio and I had two different images in our head when we both referred to "the chairs." But I love them anyway! They were a major score -- $5 for one and $15 for the other. We will get them reupholstered in matching fabric.

Earlier in the week, Sergio finalized a deal with a woman who was moving out of her Eagle Rock home. Apartment Therapy and picked up on her Craigstlist ad and featured it in their L.A. Scavenger finds. I emailed it to Sergio who called her immediately. There's cat damage on both arms, in the back so we have to get those fixed. But it's only 6 months new and a fraction of the original price at Crate & Barrel due to the damage.

The couch helped us meet one of out neighbors so it was an even bigger score. Andrew lives across the street and owns a big truck. Sergio had borrowed my mom's car to transport but realized it was too small after measuring. He saw Andrew with his truck and offered him $15 if he would help him pick up and move the couch. He helped us out, gave us the low down on the nabe and graciously turned down the money in the end.

Before we bought the house, we dropped in on an estate sale and picked up a pair of lamps for $15. They go perfectly at either side of the couch. Will have more pics when the room is more put together and I've had time to shark the floors.

We are now on the hunt for a coffeetable and endtables and a rug and floating console for the dvd player and drapes and.... it will never end.

We're hoping for some great finds at the PCC flea market tomorrow morning!


  1. The sofa and chairs look great! Everything's coming together nicely! :)

  2. Thanks nelson! Hopefully the grace and style you and liz have for home decor has rubbed off on us! miss you guys!