Sunday, July 5, 2009

Micio, Where are you?

Time missing: Approx. 17 hours.
Currently sporting a black collar with reflective sliver stripe, bell and black name tag. Probably prowling Highland Park / Eagle Rock, hopefully not trying to find her way back to Cypress Park. She is skittish around anything new but is extremely friendly.

We heard a cat yowling commotion by the side of the house last night just before we really noticed her missing. We have now deduced that it was one of the neighborhood strays and most likely Micio getting into it as the area is more their property than hers right now. She's a lover not a fighter so that worries us.


  1. oh no, elsie!!! i am sending cat homing vibes....they have a really amazing ability to find their way safely home, especially after a move.

  2. She is STILL missing! we are sad. I'm hopeful though...