Saturday, August 15, 2009


Sergio has been obsessed with finding barstools for our small counter since we first moved in. We contemplated a few. We love authentic MCM style but can't always afford it. And you know, cool used barstools are kind of hard to come by. So, we turned to affordable new knockoffs.

1) Metal Eiffel base with wood seat from overstock. We were looking at a slick, zebra wood-like veneer version.
2) Steel colored knockoff of Tolix,also from overstock. Pictured here is the authentic orange. Which, is pretty awesome btw.
3) Clear acrylic stool from cb2 called "Vapor." This was really a passing fancy. It was the most expensive of the three choices and I just wasn't into it anymore once we left the store. They do some nice staging.

We couldn't decide. So we didn't. And then, both of the overstock options became sold out, and that was the end of those two. Sergio was really disappointed and I felt moderately guilty because I was the one hedging on the purchase. But I wasn't totally sure of them.

This past week, Sergio spied a craigslist ad for these beauties:

How I wish we also owned all the rest of the furniture at that house! Yes, especially the snazzy bull sculpture. We spent an excruciating hour+ on the 5 and then 605 en route to view the stools in Long Beach. And then, we bought them. They ended up costing less than two out of three of our original options. Pretty good I think. And, they fit in with our home and existing furniture quite well.

(sorry. I'll get better pictures eventually. oh, please ignore cat hair bunnies floating around the floor...damn that Mia.)

Sergio insisted we eat dinner at the counter that night. Provenance is not entirely clear but the people who sold them to us got them at an estate sale where most of the pieces were of '60s era --they think. No matter. We like them very much. Check out those shapely legs!

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