Sunday, August 2, 2009

So the pipe burst. Now what?

Well. First, I brush my teeth outside. Then we call home warranty people. See two plumbers. Find out we can use our shower/toilet/sink for now IF we are very conservative about it. We suspect there is a blockage, from which the pressure build up may be the culprit to cracking the probably original 1922 drainage pipe. This ordeal will most likely last a full week and be very expensive.

Ah, and the cherry on top: I smack the top of my head exiting our basement with the second plumber. ouch! My head proceeds to hurt the rest of the day and I have trouble concentrating. Sergio keeps referring to it as my contusion. I find it very funny. Especially when he says it in Italian. We go out and are very productive with errands.


Coming home, I decide that some relaxing is in order. So, courtesy of Betsy and Justin, I do a little easy gardening:

The basil has to wait. I think keeping it separate from the rosemary and oregano might be healthier for it. It came in this cool biodegradable pot that you just put in the ground with the plant! Not sure our dirt is suitable so will have to find another planter.

The headache remains so Sergio insists on me taking something for it that will also help the tiny swelling go down. My head is lumpy.

I make a water miser dinner. After a week of housewarming Mexican food leftovers...we were craving something really light and fresh. Plus our neighbor Scott left tomatoes for us on our little patio table! They are so good and way better than even the ones I get from farmer's market. And, I get to taste one of the special salts we received at our housewarming. This one is from Nelson Yu. It is Sicilian Sea Salt with Lemon Zest. Very good. I never thought about it much but me likes fancy salt!

We have run out of forks and can't do the dishes. So, I turn to the most excellent utensils on earth: chopsticks!

(sergio took this glass of sangria away from me. pout. he says I shouldn't have alcohol with the ibuprofen i took for my head. pout again. my head does feel better.)

We are definitely hoping the rest of the week fares a bit better than the last 36 hours or so.

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