Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tacos La Estrella Taco Truck

3 tacos: carnitas, al pastor, carne asada. Red sauce on the side please. And a grapefruit Jarrisco soda in a glass bottle. $5 total.

Location: York / Ave. 54. Permanently parked.
Hours: 24/7.

I had read a lot about this place. Lucky us! We moved into walking distance!

The carnitas was ok. The carne asada pretty good. The al pastor --- wow. smoky, flavorful, tender... yum. I'm getting a burrito next time -- al pastor all the way. And the famous red sauce? OMG. wow. perfection. I wonder if they bottle this stuff?!?

On the way home, we stopped by El Huarache Azteca for a couple of super sized agua frescas. Watermelon for Sergio and Horchata para me.

We also witnessed a crazy surreal site:

Hopefully those firefighters can take down that fire soon!

Next taco truck tasting: El Pique! Just several yards from La Estrella.

BTW: Mia ate again on her own tonight. We are ecstatic!!

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