Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wonton Friday 8.7.09

Jenny and Dad joined forces to put together a yummy wonton dinner on Friday night. He made the filling and broth and she did most of the wrapping. I helped make a few too. I put too much filling in mine. It's really not all that tricky to make wontons but I never think to do it. It can be time consuming to make the pork and shrimp filling. Dad does it old-school style with the blunt side of his trusty Chinese cleaver. I suppose having a food processor would expedite the process.

Waiting for wontons.

Angie brought extra wonton skins. Sergio and I brought some wine too, left over from Jenny and Chi's wedding. The viognier went well. Mom boiled up some rice noodles too and each used fish sauce to season the homemade broth to our individual taste.

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