Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Michael vs. Orochen

My cousin is visiting from NY right now. He saw a show called Man vs. Food where they featured the #2 special from Orochen Ramen in Little Tokyo. He vowed to order (and finish) the proclaimed spiciest bowl of ramen in the U.S. When he got there, he decided to take the 30 minute challenge for a chance to be posted on their wall of fame! Here he is, waiting for our table, getting tough for the challenge.

We order beer and Calpico in anticipation of mega-spicyness to come.

I order the #6 -- very benign. It was a normal color and very tasty! Not enough noodles though. Sergio almost ordered the #2 but got the #1 instead. I tasted it and it was pretty dang hot. His and Mike's bowls were a fiery red. Chi got the regular #3 and even he said it got really spicy toward the end. I can't IMAGINE what the Specials were like. Probably like fire. Or lava. Or the surface of the sun.

Mike's finished all the noodles at this point and ready to slurp up the soup! His face belies the burning insides...

A fortifying swig of Calpico....

...and he's finished!! With 6 minutes to spare! Lookie at all the admirers at the tables behind him! See video below.

Photo for the Wall of Fame!

Sergio still enjoying his #1. He was actually really liking the soup and wanted to finish. But we had to get out of there and walk for Mike's benefit. He said the quantity and temperature of the soup was worse than the spicyness. We had to get out and walk it off in the night air.

Refreshing pinkberry to put out the fires. Mike and I mimic the Orochen photo-op.

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