Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner

This was the festive scene at our house prior to leaving for M&D's house. Presents under our tree! There was nothing under there about 30 seconds before the photo was taken. Sergio and I did some power shopping earlier in the day -- some of it after we saw Avatar in IMAX, which, BTW, can only described in the single word I uttered as soon as the end credits began rolling: wow. I say again: wow. I rarely double-watch movies in theatre, but for the IMAX experience...I may just have to.

Anyway, we rush around, finished shopping and I rushed through the gift wrapping. I totally frankensteined Chi's gift -- I used three different types of paper! We used the same gift wrap my parents purchased about 7 years ago. I'm serious. It was from Costco and the tubes were huge. I'm so happy to have finished a couple rolls this year. I used print at home business card stock I got from the 99 cent store about 4 or 5 years ago for the gift tags.

Chi was still grilling when we arrived so I partook in some of the sticky rice my mom and dad made. So delicious! They never skimp on the good ingredients so it's super tasty. We all sat down for a really great meal and some phenomenal wine -- Pinot Noir from Rideau Winery. Jenny popped that open for this special occasion and we appreciated it! So smooth and flavorful.

Post dinner, we sat around and chatted. Jenny made us all wait for midnight to open the presents. wine. I was almost asleep! See how my eyes are all droopy?

Finally, midnight! Check out the spoils!

Mom gave Jenny a pair of pretty earrings. She tried them on and they didn't fit her luscious lobes -- total unexpected score for me! Yes! :) After dinner, everyone chatted some more while I lounged and basically wavered in and out of sleep.

Arriving home, I went straight to bed while Sergio relaxed on the couch and kept Micio company. His cough was getting the better of him so he couldn't sleep. Aside from the cough, I thought it was a pretty great Christmas celebration. We looked forward to a very quiet Christmas day and lucky for us, it was exactly that. Slept in, lounged around, watched movies, ate small dinner. Absolutely awesome.

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