Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lee Kam Kee with D&L

Diana and Lior drove out to have lunch with us on Monday. We threw around a few options but settled on Vietnamese - Lee Kam Kee. It's one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants. Next time, hopefully we will all be feeling well enough to enjoy Little Fat Sheep. Sergio and Lior were both dealing with residual cough situations. So a communal, bubbling pot of soup just wasn't the best idea. Lee Kam Kee came through though. Diana selected an appetizer I had never tried before. It was a fun dish. Savory, just the right chewy pork on top of crispy, crunchy rice cake (?) discs. She and I each had a different type of Pho. The guys got the same exact dish. Charbroiled pork. Copycats.

On the way back home, we stopped to take a quick spin around Galco's. Sergio got a coffee soda that he liked. I also got the National Soft Drink of Austria. Haven't tried it yet. The root beer was really tasty.

It was great to finally spend some time with Diana and Lior. Come to think of it, I've known Lior for about 9 years now. 10 next year. Wow. Unfortunately, we rarely get to see them these days. They have this fab place waaay over by the ocean, in walking distance to the marina. Ok, so it's not really that far. So next time, Sergio and I will make the jaunt over to their place to hang. They promised food.

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