Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Modern Family

Ohmygoodnesswe'resoexcited!!!! Our sliding glass patio door was installed today. It looks AH-MAA-ZING! eeee!!! They're coming back tomorrow to finish up the molding and reroute the electrical. So, my lovelies, you all will have to wait for a full post about the epically awesome patio door.

Phew, ok. Had to get that out.

I'm watching a rerun of Modern Family right now. Have you seen it? In this episode, Ed Norton is playing the washed up bass player and back-up singer of Spandau Ballet. He has an accent. I can't tell if it's supposed to be Australian or British/Cockney.

And then, Elizabeth Banks is Sal, the insane drunk best friend jealous of Mitchell and Cameron's adopted baby, Lily.

"You should kill that baby."
"I'm going to throw that baby in the ocean."
"Fine, show me the pictures of Yoko...'cause she's Asian and she broke up our group."

This show is crazy and I love it.

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