Thursday, March 11, 2010

Babies (the Movie)

I have never made my baby aversion a secret. No, no, no...I don't hate your baby. I LOVE your baby. I will coo and cradle your non-crying, sweet smelling baby 'till the cows come home. I just hate the idea of my OWN baby. shiver. (Yes, I do sometimes actually, physically shiver.)

But for the love of motherf-ing god. This may have just kickstarted my cobwebby baby clock:

May have. (brrr.)


  1. I saw the preview earlier, it made me laugh :) I totally want to see the movie now. I wish you could meet Noé already, that kid is laughing at everything these days, its so much fun hanging out with him.

  2. Aw! me too! not too much traveling in the cards for the lau-spina household though. at least not in the near future. hopefully next year for the italian wedding. your baby boy will be so big by then!