Thursday, March 25, 2010

Robots living in Eagle Rock

Spike Jonze's recent Sundance splash was a short film about robot love called I'm Here. Much of the exteriors were shot in Eagle Rock. This is where Sergio and I hang out. A lot. Too much, probably. The film is 30 minutes. I think that maybe, it's supposed to be a sweet film. However, I find it kind of disturbing in the end. The music was great, par for the course in a Jonze movie. Anyway, always fun to see our local nabes given some love by a location scout.


That parking lot scene? It's the Eagle Rock Plaza, which contains stores that cater to the large local Filipino community. There's a Target there, from which I just purchased a bag of Feline Pine kitty litter earlier tonight. We are testing different types/brands. We can't seem to settle on one brand/type.

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