Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Geriatric Vampires

That is what Sergio is talking about here with Betsy, who found it quite amusing.

These photos are from the first of the month when she and I got out of work early the day before Good Friday. We decided to hit up Mixville, a casual bar located in an old firehouse. For a moment, it was our own private party as we were the first ones there. Light from the setting sun still filtered through the giant skylights above the bar. We marveled at how lovely it was to be sipping cocktails at 5pm on a Thursday, when we would usually still be at work.

Sergio joined us later when the bar had filled up nicely. Too bad for him, we had already scarfed down nearly every morsel of the de-li-cious Blue Cheese Tarragon French Fries. yum. yum. (yum).

We ended up back at her house where we joined Justin to watch Flight of the Conchords. It was our first time with this show. It is pure genius.

P.S. Springs showers bring May flowers! And a full stop on landscaping work. So, nothing new to report on that front.

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