Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Miles Jackson!

Well, well. Look who turned one!

Jennie told us that a baby's first birthday is a big deal in Korean culture. Well yes ma'am it sure is. The event was pretty amazing. There was such incredible attention to detail, from decorations to party favors to the food! Liz said there were 10 courses and I know I ate way too much of every single one of them. I only had room for one of the two cakes!

Then, there was the laughing. Towards the end of the evening, after the 10 courses...Omar somehow, surreptitiously attached a balloon to what I think was Nelson's pant belt loop, behind his back, literally. When Nelson got up and began walking through the party with the balloon following, it was kind of chuckly funny. But then, Nelson started hamming it up for us, posing with rubber duckies he found, clearly not aware of the yellow orb bobbing just above his head. That was when it became painfully funny. I was crying. The more he posed, the more we laughed, which egged him on some more. Dear god it hurt. There's a swirly picture I got of Nelson and his balloon buddy that got that way because I couldn't hold the camera still due to said laughing. I'm sure guests at other tables thought we were insane.

Anyway, please enjoy a few snapshots below. Others with way more serious equipment will clearly have way better photos than I. So I won't be posting too many here. And I KNOW there's a video to be released of the balloon silliness and ensuing hilarity, so I won't post pics/vid of that either...but I did post a video of the warm-up to the balloon incident.

Thank you Jennie and Page for the wonderful party! Give the little man a big hug from me.

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