Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Tea -- No Boys Allowed!

I wouldn't have bat an eye if you told me you pulled this photo out of the Spring issue of Martha Stewart/House Beautiful/Sunset/Veranda magazine. The expertly coordinated flowers, china, glassware, accessories and cute place cards... Gorgeous, dah-ling, gorgeous.

This pretty scene is what greeted us last Saturday at Liz and Nelson's home. Liz hosted an incredible Ladies Easter Tea at their downtown loft. As you can see, it was an extremely elegant affair. I felt so special to be seated with such wonderful and talented company. I don't get to hang with just the ladies often, but a lady (me) could get used to this fanciness! We ate off of her mother's china, sipped lemon water out of her grandmother's pink glassware, and enjoyed bubbly served in Vera Wang flutes from her wedding registry. Oh, and the food! oy. Each morsel was lovingly made from scratch, including the delicious, perfect macaroons. Divine. Alpna contributed homemade scones - the most moist I've ever had!

We sat and ate and drank and ate (and drank) while chatting away the hours. We talked about boys, babies, families, homes, weddings, jobs, politics and Liz's especially harrowing quiche encounter.

I'm most likely biased but I think being a girl is fab. I'm not saying I wouldn't have enjoyed the golf-related activity that the boys were off doing. Which, if I'm being honest, I would've probably barely endured. But it just doesn't compare to an afternoon surrounded by beauty such as this -- and I refer equally to the meal as well as the company.

Bravo Liz. And thank you.


  1. Elizabeth has always been such a gracious hostess who loves setting up beautiful atmospheres for her guests. I am such a proud Mom and I am very pleased to see her using my dishes. Thanks for posting this for all to see.

    Elizabeth's Mother

  2. @ Elizabeth's Mother - I'm so glad you got to see the photos!

  3. Hi Elsie! You put this special memory together so nicely. You are a great writer. Thank you so much!

  4. @ Elizabeth - Thanks Liz! You are an incredible hostess!