Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Landscaping: The Back Yard

Hello! Long time no blog! Yes, apologies. Been busy. We even ventured out for a friend's concert who's band was playing at 10PM this past Wednesday. I felt decrepit and grumpy to be out so late on a school night. But the band (Actress) was great and I'm glad we did. Eons better than grumpy and just a tad less than decrepit by night's end.

Anyway, lotsa stuff happening at the Lau-Spina homestead. First up -- the landscaping. Fancy way of saying "yard work" if you ask me. But, if you recall, I like the fancy way of saying so, I will henceforth refer to it as: The Landscaping. :)

The very back of our back yard is a bit raised and has a small concrete pad. That concrete pad is fighting a losing battle against encroaching, eroding soil and We envision a fabulously modern gravel and paver patio with a gas fire pit. Hmmm... we are ambitious yes? First, we define the space. Sergio does most of this. Yermo Muppet and I help a little.

We welcome 3.5 tons of gravel. The massive truck does not fit through our drive to the back so the gravel is dumped onto our driveway and sidewalk.

At first, I wasn't impressed by 3.5 tons of gravel. But, 70+ wheelbarrow trips up the long drive and back later...

...I am quite impressed by Sergio. This took HOURS. He couldn't quite feel his hands the next day.

With help from our neighbor Scott, Sergio breaks up the concrete pad.

We debate whether to form poured concrete pavers but settle on reusing the broken concrete. It's cheaper, more earth friendly and quicker.

Sergio begins leveling the soil.

This is where we are at now with the backyard landscaping. We still need to put down weedblocker, lay the pavers and fill in the gravel. We also plan to paint the back wall and put in plants to camouflage the cinder block chic look it's rockin' right about now. We hope to finish the bulk of the work this weekend. We shall see...

The days above have not been consecutive. We've gone out, hosted parties, done our laundry...all in between. We really hope to be mostly done with the fire pit area by Sunday!

P.S. Yermo Muppet is now named Phillip and he is part of our neighbors, Andrew & Jen's, family. We are pleased as punch. :)


  1. Would you mind sharing your gravel source, and, if you don't mind, the cost of that quantity of gravel?

    Thanks so much! Your patio looks great!

  2. Hi lena --

    sorry for the late response. my records are not nearly has organized as they should be.

    G.N.A Transport (based in glendale)
    We paid $220. pea gravel.

    Hope I'm not too late!