Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Sunset Garden

We thought it was about time to begin landscaping the front yard. It's kind of embarrassing how ugly it has been for nearly a year now.

We are tackling it in sections. The built-in planter is already defined so, a good place to start. We filled it in with some of the gravel from the giant truck and ventured on some really fun plant shopping! We went to a couple places. If you haven't been to the massive San Gabriel Nursery and you're in the market for plants, you're missing out! It's a horticulturalist dream come true! It's so big, customers get to borrow little red wagons to tote their selections around.

Some digging and couple of weekends later...

The coral looking plant is called "Firesticks". Isn't it lovely? Prompted by a magazine article I read last year, I had a vague goal in my mind to capture the colors of a sunset. We have also installed itty bitty solar uplights at the base of the three larger plants at the front of the planter.

Pretty, low-maintenance and water-wise. We are feeling quite smug right about now. Tired, but pleased.



  1. We're so proud of you guys! This looks fabulous! We like the one of Sergio pulling the wagon!

  2. Hmmmm...guess this isn't FB...that was from Cathey & Enn

  3. From: Enn and Cathey

  4. Thanks Cathey & Enn or Enn and Cathey!! :)