Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mike & Cindy - Just Married!

I've known Mike since I was born. Literally. Our families lived in the same apartment building and were once quite close. I remember, so long ago, we used to laugh so hard over who knows what, that we both drooled. His sister and I were nearly inseparable at the time. Our little childhood gang of about 6 don't hang out much anymore, but that does not lessen the absolute joy I feel when something as lovely as this happens to one of us.

The sweet event took place at The Pierpont Inn, Ventura. I saw people I hadn't seen since high school over a decade ago, popcorn arrangements cleverly served as favors, decoration, and seating cards and of course, his sister Linda, the professional pastry chef, made the INCREDIBLE cakes! Cake cutting time lured out the friendly paparazzi and happy tears to my eyes.

It was beautiful and perfect. Congratulations Mike & Cindy!

Here, Chi sends Mike off into wedded bliss with a Ferrari. (An inside joke hearkening back to when Mike was a tiny whelp, still bashing Matchbox cars together.)

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