Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Grilled Salmon and Ikat Eggplant

Fired up the grill tonight and dined on the patio. It's a routine I'm determined to set on repeat all season long. (I love summer!) We chatted and chowed and listened to the birds and our neighbors as they cheered the Lakers to their win.

Hey, does the eggplant remind you of modern ikat? Even just a little?

I've got ikat on the brain lately. I grew up quite anti-ikat. I mean, it just looked so ooolllllddd fashioned to me. But now, just recently, like as of three days or so ago, I've realized that I like ikat. A lot. The print looks so natural and real and pretty. And I especially like the word: ikat. And I really like typing that word. ikat. ikat. ikat.


And look! The perfect ikat summer dress!

Don't you worry. I can't buy it. It's from last summer's collection and so, all gone. This is actually totally ok with me. I might have bought it and really, unless it's a massive winning lottery ticket, I don't need to be buying anything these days.

Here's a semi-recent cozy ikat home design round up from aphrochic!

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