Thursday, June 10, 2010

Waikiki - June 2010

We had an amazing time. We also used every coupon we could find and shared meals when we could. Our proudest thrift of the trip? Spending 90 early morning minutes watching a vacation club sales pitch in return for luau tickets. Meal, show, transpo to/from hotel, 3 drink tickets each. Value: $144. Yeesssss....

Our favorite part of the entire vacation was our day at Hanauma Bay. From the $2.50 bus ride there and back that gave us a mini tour of the coastline, to the amazing aquarium-immersion like snorkeling to the relaxing, uncrowded beach -- it was incredible.

Also worth mentioning was our fabulous meal at Morio's Sushi. It's a teeny place established inside of a neighborhood nature food store. I made reservations from L.A. before we left. There, we ordered the oyster appetizer and chef's choice dinner. We also made meal-time friends with Karen & Andy, and Glen & Sarah. We offered Chef Morio sake but he preferred the beer a fellow diner later gifted him instead. He gave us endamame at the end of our meal, perhaps as a rueful gesture?


Favorite scenery photos

Photo Album below:

Honolulu, HI June 2010


  1. Hey it's Karen from Andy and Karen from Mori sushi. Your pics are great.

  2. hi Karen! I'm glad you check in! It took me a while to finally upload these... Hope the rest of your trip was as wonderful as that meal! Hi to Andy!