Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ME: Hello Yoga. YOGA: Hello Stranger.

Last week, I attended a yoga class. Meet my new yoga mat:

Confession: It was my first yoga class in maybe 5 or 6 years. (I'm sorry body. I suck. I know.)

I was once a regular but then, I joined a gym and felt stupid paying for outside classes when I had a gym membership. Then the gym yoga classes stopped aligning with my schedule. I purchased a set of yoga DVDs and never made it past the first one. I've since quit the gym (yes!) and became a full time couch slug. Lord I'm good at that.

Then, on my last birthday, I told myself I needed to be more active. Do things I love. And I believed me. I kind of loved yoga back when I was young and limber. Maybe I can love it again?

I'm returning to the same class tonight. 2nd dates are usually a little less awkward than the first, right? A little less painful?


  1. hi neighbor. i saw you commented on my closet and casa thing on joy's blog. where is this yoga happening?

  2. the community class at heartbeat house in atwater. only $7/class!