Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Saturday like a Sunday

I made breakfast and caffe this morning. Doesn't happen often.

This leisurely scene belies a fairly ruggedly productive morning. Breakfast was a short break from already hour plus pick-axe/shovel action in the backyard. Concurrent plural loads of laundry, dishes, stove scrubbing. We even squeezed in a little cardio exercise in the form of cat chasing. Micio got outside and we chased her around the perimeter of the house a bit. Our heart rates shot up for sure, both from the scrambling and the worry. She's safely skulking under the couch now. Stupid cat. And we've only just scratched noon on the clock. There's an entire afternoon to be even more productive! I may just watch a movie instead though. :)

P.S. Hey, it's small business shopping Saturday! If you plan to buy anything this weekend, consider purchasing from your local small business. I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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