Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday! - 11.18.2010

Do you know what the state bird of California is?

The California Quail. :)

Cute huh? When they forage together, they follow one another in a line, one behind the other. I came across a covey on an early morning hike several years ago while camping in Lake Cachuma. I saw them from afar so I slowed way down to be really quiet. I got right up next to them before they finally saw/heard me. They totally froze in place and pretended they were invisible. I think I chuckled out loud. Funny birds.

Anyway, our resident quail is made of ironwood. We found him several months ago in the window of a tiny and newish thrift shop on Figueroa. He was only like $2. He's pretty cool.

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