Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thrifty Thursday! - 12.16.10

The sconce is from yeeeaaars ago. It was from a prop sale and I have three of them. I think I paid less than $3 for all of them. The old-timey Santa candles (I have a pair) are about a year old to me but obvs way older than that. They're actually broken and precariously stacked to look whole, but I like them anyway. Kinda gnarly but I think they exude a bit of grimey charm. One day, I might actually light them!

Sorry of lack of posts. Festivities have been getting the best of me. But the holiday decor is up and I can't wait to show you. And Sergio built an awesome enclosure in the backyard which means we don't have to stare at ugly plastic trash bins whenever we look out the windows, which I also can't wait to show you!

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