Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Roof

This is our garage roof. It's a little mismatched but it works now, thanks to Sergio.

During the deluge a few weeks ago, while our friends were visiting, we witnessed a torrent of water washing out from under the garage door, down the driveway.

Hmm...not normal nor ideal.

Sergio climbed up top and well, found that he had a little roofing to finish up apparently. It had two different kinds of shingles, which was fine, but was also missing quite a few rows where the roofing paper was exposed! Yeesh. Now, it sports three different types of shingles and is watertight. :)

And then, there was the leak in our master bedroom closet discovered at the same time. It shorted out the closet light too. sigh.

He climbed up into the attic to take care of it and donned a particularly stylish full body clean-up suit to protect himself from fiberglass insulation.

He was serious. He got it done.

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  1. It was a good thing that Sergio was able to fix your roof problems. Luckily, the leak was found and fixed. That would have been a major concern come the rainy season, and that would mess up your electrical circuit and ceiling. Now all that is needed is scheduled maintenance to keep your roof clean and in good condition.

    Richard Boles