Tuesday, February 15, 2011

J.Crew goes to Italy, Part one.

Marissa Webb has the best. job. ever. She dreams up dreamy shoes and a factory full of lovely Italian men readily do her bidding to make that dream come to true.

There she is on the right, about to see her idea come to life.


Click here for the video!

That there on the left is Jenna Lyons.

This is part one of a three part "documentary" and I can't wait to see more. So far, it's making me ache to hop on a plane for Italy and order up a gelato con panna. And then adoringly window shop for fine Italian shoes, natch.


  1. take me with you! i love her and want to work at jcrew too. so happy to see so much more on her. shes been my girl crush ever since i saw her on martha stewart.

  2. @ Anonymous ha! let's go! thanks for the tip on her martha bit. i hadn't even known they had a Collection Label!