Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CB2 Abuela 3-Speed Bicycle

look. how. cool.

CB2 styling has been kind of awesome lately. They even started carrying Woolly pockets! And now, they're offering up these super awesome his/hers bikes.

This is the perfect cruisin' around set of wheels, don't you think? If I wasn't too chicken to ride the mean streets of L.A., I would soooo park one of these bad boys in my garage for trips to the farmer's market, my parents' house, local eateries...

Oh, and the bell comes stock.


  1. I had a four-speed cruiser once (for 2 days) the road has to be flatter than death before they are useful... Just saying in a practical sense if you ever actually wanted to use a cool bike and not have to push it every where...

  2. aw. yeah, you've got a point. I'd be pretty limited I suppose in where I could bike. It just looks so pretty.