Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dream Collective

So you all know of my obsession with Clare Vivier's bags, right? Well, she partnered with Kathryn Bentley and opened up shop in Silver Lake!
photo via seevivier.tumblr.com

If you remember, Kathryn was one of Jeana's early Closet Visit subjects. Of course, it was a lovely opening party with flowing champagne and conversation. How could I resist picking out a new bauble in such a festive atmosphere?

I chose the Crystal Mountain/Mala Beads Necklace from Kathryn Bentley's Dream Collective, her more accessible, but no less wonderful line earthy jewelry.
necklaces: Dream Collective + vintage beads

I wore it every day for a week and half. Here, I paired it with colorful vintage African beads I picked up at a sidewalk sale. I was told that the beads are Italian made but used in the African trade.

Other Dream Collective favorites.

um. Can I say: new obsession?

Psst! Click here to check out this photo from Racked LA. You can see me behind Kathryn, consulting Sergio on which piece to buy.