Friday, May 27, 2011

Vegetable Box!


I love this photo:
It looks like Sergio is coming out of the ground.



BUT, it's still sitting empty as I type. The beginnings of a trellis that Sergio designed is standing up in it so I guess it's not totally empty. I transplanted the seedlings to a couple of long plastic window boxes where they will live temporarily until we get the box completed. The poor dears had so outgrown of their little starter trays. I must admit, I haven't been a very good farmer so far.

Our calendar is so full though, not sure when we'll find the time to finish. We still need to attached the chicken wire to the bottom of the wooden frame(to keep out those gopher types) and sink it into the ground a little so it's level, and finish the trellis. Not sure if we have enough bags of dirt either. Sigh. Hopefully the baby plants won't all die in waiting.

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