Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dad's birthday: 81!

How does Dad like to celebrate his birthday - or any other festivity for that matter? Eat. That's it. He likes to eat. So we happily oblige.

This year, we went to Top Island in Alhambra. Service was very odd and even frustrating at times, but the food was tasty. The cake was from Taipan Bakery, just down the block from the restaurant. It was already 6 PM and we had not ordered a cake so we totally lucked out with this one. The only other cake they had was chocolate and Dad prefers the fruit kind. It was very good - the almonds were toasted and fluffy frosting just right. If you don't know already, the usual Chinese style birthday cakes are spongy moist with an uber-light, non-buttercream frosting. It's usually loaded up with fresh fruit on top and inside, and adorned with almond slices all around.

Dad rockin' the patriotic look.
Dad chowing down
Dad's 81st bday dinner
81st Bday!
That stylish yet practical reversible fleece vest was once mine. I picked it up during my last year in college. It was from the outside sale rack at City Sports on the BU campus. (Is that still around?) I wore it everywhere, including my first time to Italy, a week before I met Sergio. It has these perfect nearly hidden pockets for traveling.

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