Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Betsy's Baby Shower

Betsy's baby shower was last Saturday! It was so beautiful and fun. There was a lot of love there for Betsy and her little Elora! Guests came from all over. There were a few teary moments - especially with grandma to be. The weather was perfect. It was such a happy day!

The theme was fairy princess - the old fashioned woodland kind.

Fairy cake!

Unfortunately, I didn't take very many photos and those I did take didn't turn out very well. Nearly none were in focus! (Hangs head in shame.) I must've had too much champagne. *sigh* There were many cameras out so hopefully they were more on the ball than I. ;)


Baby Bingo

Caitlin hosted the party at her house in Venice.


Kathleen, Krissy (B's sister), Meghan and I all helped.

Pretty ladies

We all had different jobs -- I was in charge of the party favors and signage.

Baby in Bloom party favors

We even did the flower arrangements! Cait made these gorgeous dangling crystals that we hung on the branches and around the tent.


Sergio helped put fairy wings on B's baby picture, and also helped make all the fairy seals to tie everything to the invitation.


I did manage to catch one of the games on video.

We cannot wait to meet you Elora!


  1. it was an amazing day! great photos, thanks for posting!
    <3 <3 <3

  2. It looks like you had a beautiful shower. Very happy for you Betsy. Cant wait to see pictures of the baby. Good luck with everything. Take care, your cousin Nancy ((((HUGS))))