Monday, November 28, 2011

Not Black Friday Shopping

Popomomo Ladder top
New tops!

I supported Small Business Saturday in a big way this year. I was happy to discover great new (to me) lines and even met a couple of the designers!

Group picture (l-r):
Naked Zebra cowl criss-cross sweater top. (Lady)
Vintage beaded sleeveless sweater, perfect for NYE! I love that the tag reads: Made in British Hong Kong. It makes me think of my family. (Owl Talk)
Popomomo wine colored ladder top made from Tencel - derived from wood pulp! super cool. (Letters from L.A.)
Myne by Ashley Ann top. (Letters from L.A.)
These new duds are puttin' a swagger in my step.

Ok. Well, that was fun. Back to not shopping for a while. My wallet is gaping at me and it's not pretty. ;-)


  1. i just took some press pictures for letters from LA last week and the owner was wearing the popomomo top! i want to go shopping now!

  2. @jeana sasha is the cutest isn't she? well, if you're ever in erock/highlandpark - i am always up for some shopping! :)