Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sprout Pendant Lamp - Jonathan Adler

We installed a new pendant lamp for the vestibule!


I neglected to take a photo of our old light which is standard issue Home Depot. I believe the brand is Hampton Bay based on this photo from the Home Depot website:

It came with the house and works just fine. However, since the vestibule has been slowly getting a little makeover anyway, we've kept our eyes peeled for a suitable replacement. We wanted something stylish but not too flashy and mounted high enough to allow the front door to swing open underneath. Of course, we always consider vintage first. But quite honestly, vintage mounted ceiling lamps in good shape and affordable are hard to find. So we've been looking at new fixtures.

There were two I really liked from West Elm. The Glass Jar Pendant in the Small. (The shorter one.)

And a mirrored semi-flush mount:

If we lived closer to a West Elm store, we might have have taken the plunge with one of these earlier.

But then I saw the Jonathan Adler Sprout pendant on sale right before Halloween. Conveniently, Jennie's birthday breakfast was not far from the store and since we were in the neighborhood anyway, we picked one up! Lucky too. I think there was only a couple left - I guess it's a popular design.

The unglazed, translucent porcelain bisque is so pretty. I think it's refined and clean, with a touch of whimsy.

It's been sitting in a basket until this past Sunday when we raced the setting sun to get it installed.

Tools of the trade
Yes, that's a pumpkin carving knife and yes, Sergio did use it during the install.


I love it!

The bulb is a little bright for now. Not that we would be hanging out in the vestibule very often.


  1. Wanting to have something you can’t have can be depressing, but you found yourself a beautiful porcelain bisque pendant for a substitute, so I guess there isn’t any loss there. You are lucky to get your hands on one! Where did Sergio use the pumpkin carving knife for? I’m just curious.

    1. Thanks Christian! We love our little bisque lamp! We think we used the pumpkin carving knife to either pry the old lamp off or as a tool to strip some of the coating off the electrical wires. Not ideal but it worked.