Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello there 2012. Big hugs.

We stopped at my parents' place for a quick hello+happy new year to the family.
Then we came back to our neighborhood for an almost impromptu NYE party.

THE PARTY & etc.
Jen+Andrew invited us to celebrate at their new home. First, the house is super duper cool. Second, the party was FUN! But I didn't take pictures. (Boo.) Thank goodness the hostess with the mostess Jen and the uber-adorable Bri seemed to be embroiled in an instagram throw down.

From Bri Emery's (@designlovefest) instagram/twitter feed:

From Jen Gotch's (@jengotch) instagram/twitter feed:


We returned the next afternoon for Andrew's sausage rolls+bloody marys+the pledge of allegiance led by a particularly precocious (& stylish) 7-year-old. This day, lovely Bonnie was present and doing her own iphone photo documentation.

From Bonnie Tsang's (@bonnietsang) instagram/twitter feed:

Yeah, it was this fun. Trust.

I love meeting new people and growing existing relationships. It's especially awesome when the peeps are as nice and crazily talented as this bunch. Oh, and getting to hang with the cute pup didn't hurt.

Here's a photo I did take on new year's day. Nothing fancy. A straight-up old-fashioned snapshot. Just my red shoes+fading sunlight+front yard.

Well, I'm gonna say that 2012 has been kicked off with p to the izzazz.

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