Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday! 1.19.2012

We spent some time with my mom at the Long Beach Antique Market last weekend. It was our first time to this flea market and we had a great time. Also, since when did flea markets sell beer? Anyway, hidden amongst some overpriced wares and other items of questionable saleability were some really nice finds. We're trying to be budget conscious this year so we walked away from most. There was that London Fog trench that fit perfectly. And that amazing ostrich feather mini jacket/bolero. And that cute painting that reminded me of my sister. Sergio found an incredible deal on a couple of wirey patio loungers that needed just a bit of TLC but were too big for our car.

I did get this. Vintagey goodness. And only $5.

Vintage Clutch - front detail title


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