Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrifty Thursday! 2.16.2012

Tomorrow's House by Nelson and Wright.

The print and paper quality is not great. But the photos are super cool. There's an index of architects at the back, with street addresses! I doubt very many are still around or at those offices though.


Scan 5 Scan 9

What's fascinating is that the original owner underlined stuff. I wonder if they were building a house. I wish I knew.
Scan 7 Scan 8

From the PCC Flea.


  1. ummm: you were right! what a great find!

  2. Wow. I would love a month or more in that house on the hill in the 3 frame down.

    Does it say which city that house is in?

  3. @ Above the City - I think it's a house from a 1941 housing development in Belmont, MA on Snake Hill. A bit more info here:

    I tried to google map street view but looks like the street is a dead end so maybe the google mapping car didn't bother going on it. Amazingly, it was an experiment in affordable housing. Why can't affordable housing developments be more like that nowadays?