Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Urth Caffe / Downtown L.A.

We saw a guy about some chairs one crisp winter morning. We were in the Arts District downtown so decided to pop in to Urth Caffe for breakfast. We looked at a couple units in the Barker Lofts across the street back when we were house hunting. I remember the sales pitch touted the imminent arrival of Urth. Ordering was a little intimidating. Who knew there were so may questions to answer when ordering a cappuccino? (S/M/L? whole/skim/soy/almond? regular or European roast?)

We sat outside under the much needed heaters. There was quite a chill every time the clouds rolled in front of the sun. The food was very yummy. Sergio got poached eggs over prosciutto and I ordered a breakfast burrito. Healthily decadent, if there can be such a thing. Everything was fresh and high quality - nothing was greasy or heavy. I couldn't believe how busy the place was! I think everyone in all the nearby lofts was there. Being in the area made me wistful for the time when we were seriously planning our lives for loft living.

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