Friday, April 27, 2012

Red Hill Late Lunch

We had a really late start one weekend day and needed grub. We ended back at Red Hill, which was technically closed for lunch but they must've seen the hunger in our eyes and kindly squeezed us in!


We ordered the Fettuccine Carbonara and Mole Breakfast Muffin. They were a tad heavy handed with the mole which frankly, was way too spicy for me. Our waiter graciously offered a different dish: the Everything Bagel, which was absolutely perfect. He also recommended a couple of delicious wines too. It's funny, this was our 2nd time he served us and both times he said he thought he served us at his former work. The camera tipped him off. But I said it was impossible since we've never been to the restaurant he used to work. think there is a doppelganger couple out there also snapping food photos? Anyway, we've already been back another time since this day and can't wait to go again. Tasty.

RedHill_ExtWall RedHill_ExtPatio

P.S. Be careful where you park nearby. If you didn't snag one of the three spots in their lot, go to Walgreens or Sunset.

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