Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We got decked!

I have complete confidence that Sergio could have built it just as beautifully as he finished the other patios. However, he just doesn't have enough free time right now. I prefer that he spend the bits of free time he does have with me. Since we wanted to enjoy the deck THIS Summer, we took the plunge and hired someone based on a friend's recommendation. It turned out amazing. Thanks Diana and Mike for the tip!

Wood Deck 2

Sergio designed it using Google Sketch-up. There was a slight design revision once construction started, but on the whole, I felt the end product was quite faithful to the original idea.

Deck - Original Sketch Deck - Revised Sketch

I loooove all the sexy angles and lines.

Step Angle Deck Lines

The back of the house has come a long way since 2009 when we first moved in. There was no sliding glass door at the time as you can see from this old post. Installing that was a huge leap. And now...wow. You would not believe how dramatic the difference is in terms of how we are relating to the backyard. We go outside more often now that we don't have to balance our way down a wonky plastic step stool. You can sorta see the corner of the wretched stool in this picture. The original door opened on the other side where the brick steps are in that photo.

My new favorite luxury is sipping coffee on the bench while watching all the different birds zoom in and out of the trees foraging for their breakfast. It's the most serene way to start a Sunday.


Wood Deck

You can see a few more photos here on my flickr account.


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    1. thanks Maggie! hope you and new baby are doing well!

  2. Yep, your deck is wonderful! Good job! I can imagine how you guys enjoy beautiful evenings on that deck.


  3. Unbelievably cool looking deck!