Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Work + Play Saturday

We went dancing last Saturday! It was a blast!

Before that though, we had such a busy day. I made Portabello steak and eggs for breakfast (no meat). Tasty! We spent the entire day cleaning (ugh) and then I made Kale Chorizo Manchego pizza. Very tasty!

Breakfast: portobello steak & eggs (meatless!) Yup. Kale/chorizo/manchego pizza again.

Laure came over to grab some ambient shots in our yard of a product that is launching soon. Everyone had such nice things to say when they got here, we were like proud parents. I hope the agency chooses at least one of the product in our house!

@ljoliet makin magic in our yard. @ljoliet from the other day. Love her top.

And then, we rushed off to say hey to Whitney at Myrtle for the Tomboy Style book signing party. We missed Lizzie but Whitney let me trade the copy I got earlier with an autographed copy. She also gave me a generous pour of Jack + rhubarb soda. Of course, I spied a couple tops I am pretending not to plan on going back to get. (sigh)

Then we skipped a few doors down to Mohawk Bend to wave at Laura and Kate and a bunch of other cute gals I hope to meet again soon.

Then it was off to the Echo for Funky Sole Night to celebrate Andrew's birthday where we sipped more whiskey and danced the night away.

Time to dance. Two Italians: Sergio & @theburnoutking Party. Dancing shoes

It really was a great day. It's so wonderful to get to know new friends.

P.S. Apparently instagram has taken over as my photo capturing method of choice. Photos from my real camera in the next post. Promise.

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