Thursday, June 14, 2012

East Coast Trip 2012 - Photo Diary 2

Day two was spent in Manhattan.


We shelled out $40 to park all day at a lot close to the 9/11 Memorial site. Visitors are asked to pre-order tickets online and we didn't but the day-of line at the Memorial preview site wasn't so bad. While at the preview site I felt...I don't know how to describe it...sad? moved? scared? proud? I had a giant painful lump in my throat the entire time and had to walk into the giftshop area to prevent a total loss of control. Seeing personal items like a wallet, a badge, or a photo that were all retrieved from the rubble was really hard. I'm sure by design, the actual Memorial site was a completely different experience. It was beautiful and fitting. Afterwards, we took a looong walk through crowds and heat all the way to Soho. There were a couple of much needed stops into different Starbucks (there are so many!) to rest. That evening we made our way over to my Auntie's for lobster. And so much butter.

WTCMemorial_reflection_building WTCMemorial_reflection
Water and glass. Reflections.

I wish we got to spend more time in SoHo. But also a little glad we didn't. The shopping is dangerously good there. Also, I was tired and cursing the extra camera weight in my bag so left it in there the entire walk. So much easier to snap with a phone.

Again, love this bridge. I think I took a photo of it every single time we saw it. Such a nerd.

FoggySunset DinnerwithAuntie

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