Tuesday, July 3, 2012

East Coast Trip 2012 - Photo Diary 5

After saying goodbye to the cabin, we met a local maple syrup maker in Dublin, NH. She described harvest season when they poured the raw syrup into the machine, opened up the roof and warm sweet aroma flooded the shop and surrounding area. We then grabbed a meal at the local diner and headed down to Boston.

MapleSyrupFactory MapleSyrupMachine BreakfastBurrito Nonnies

It was so fun to revisit our old haunts. A giant part of my heart is in Boston. It really is a beautiful place. Strolling around town, we felt like we were hanging with an old friend instead of tourists. Sergio took me to where he used to live. My favorite was in the oldest sections of Boston - Beacon Hill and Charles Street. The brick sidewalks and gas lamps made me feel like I was on a movie set except this was the real deal.


We stopped in the old Bull & Finch, now called Cheers Beacon Hill. I managed to live in Boston for four years and never made it inside. Since Sergio was on a greatest hits tour of his time in the city, we had to go. (He was once banned from returning to the pub! You'll have to ask him for the story.)

BullandFinch_hand BullandFinchDoor CheersMug

The moon was so pretty that night.


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  1. I finally had a chance to look through some of your trip photos. They are great! It looks like you had an amazing time....I can't believe you forgot about it today at lunch when you said you hadn't taken a road trip in a long time! haha :) Thanks for sharing these!

    1. haha. Yeah. I can't believe I forgot! I guess I'm just itching to get away again...