Tuesday, July 17, 2012

East Coast Trip 2012 - Photo Diary 6

We spent a beautiful day in Boston, time traveling into the past.

Sergio_Art_Institute ArtInstitute
Sergio's alma mater.

My old campus bookstore Barnes & Noble at BU is right under the Citgo sign.

GreenMonster Apartments BaseballTavern
We met in the Spring of 1999 at this tavern when it was a latin bar called Sophia's. The crowd was super friendly and EVERYONE danced. There was live salsa music, sangria and a rooftop patio. We boogied until sweat dripped down our backs and the lights came on. It was a magical time.

BridgeCables WaterTowerBalloon


We accidentally ended up on a toll road but it was worth it.


We drove straight to Krolewskie Jadlo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The food was delicious but oof, so heavy. After stuffing ourselves silly, we headed back over to Bedford Ave. to walk it off and maybe find a stiff drink to help us digest.

juliete_restaurant_romantic juliette_restaurant_table_edge

A drink under the stars on the rooftop patio of Juliette Restaurant capped the penultimate evening of our trip.

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