Monday, October 1, 2012

Five Leaves Cafe, Bar & Oysters \\ Brooklyn > New York

If we lived in Brooklyn, Five Leaves would definitely be a go-to. The sidewalk tables are perfect for people watching and I imagine a fun brunch and summer evening scene. I read good things about this place and was surprised to learn its mournful beginnings. I was intrigued so it was at the top of my Brooklyn to-do list.

We had taken a long (to me) walk to get there so needed a place to sit and rest, refreshment and sustenance for the walk back to our car. It was past lunch and not yet dinner when we arrived. Luckily there is an "in-between menu" from which we ordered a platter of delicious fresh oysters, a beautiful charcuterie plate and a couple glasses of good vino. Exactly what we were craving!

FiveLeavesOysterBar_Shoes FiveLeavesOysters FiveLeavesCharcuterie FiveLeaves_Sergio
Every last bite was delicious.

FiveLeaves_SignageSketch FiveLeaves_Sketch

The artist hand-lettering signage onto the insides of the restaurant cellar doors was nice to us. We talked about how hand lettering was a dying art but seemed to be making a comeback. He lives right around the corner from Five Leaves and I guess he's done a lot of the signage in the neighborhood. He was cool but didn't want his picture taken. So I promised I would only get his work.

We met these two happy ladies next to us. They were scheming up some plans in a park that sounded arty and fun and maybe a little bit dirty. I wish I remembered what it was.

What a great place. And like the universe heard me, the people behind Five Leaves recently announced that they would be opening a place in DTLA! In the currently in construction Ace no less! I cannot wait to get my brunch on.

Five Leaves
18 Bedford Avenue
Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222
{They do not accept reservations}


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