Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top 7 questions since baby news

So yeah, we're gonna be parents. Mind blowing right? Maybe not for you but for us, totally.


It's been super tough keeping the secret, especially in the last two weeks when my tummy really started showing. Mornings were generally stressful as I mournfully rifled through my wardrobe for something comfortable, blousy and not obvious. I asked Sergio daily, "Does this make me look pregnant?" I thought I looked pregnant in everything of course. But now the big news is out and we're so happy to share!

I have received roughly the same set of questions from everyone. I don't mind answering them again and again because I'm STILL super excited!!! (eeeeeee!!)

Questions in relative order usually asked:

1) How far along are you?

About 14 weeks now. That's a little more than three months.

2) When are you due?

Early April.

3) Do you know if it's boy or a girl?

Too early to tell.

4) Are you going to find out what sex it is?


5) Was Sergio excited/How did Sergio take the news?

At first I was perplexed that anyone would think there was a possibility that Sergio wasn't excited or would take the news badly. But I totally get that not every guy is into the prospect of having kids. Well, Sergio is and we've been planning this together for quite some time now. In fact, he believed that I was pregnant before I did.

6) Are your parents excited?

My mom has been on my case about giving her some grandchildren since before I got married. Years now. So yes. Sergio's parents are happy for us too though, they are so far away so obviously it's not the same. Sergio updates them quite often though and I hope to blog more frequently so no news is lost.

7) How are you feeling?

Really great so far. I'm lucky to be entering into my second trimester with relative ease. The first trimester was marked by very few moments of nausea, some digestive issues that I learned to overcome by only slight modifications in diet, and fatigue. I guess the fatigue was the worst part. It was like having permanent jet-lag and being underwater at the same time. I still cannot believe how hard the tired would hit. It screwed with my brain to the point where I could not concentrate and probably caused my lack of interest in much of anything. The most interesting thing to me was the couch or bed where I could just lay around and be most productive at yawning. Now I'm already entering what is generally regarded as the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy so yay!

There have been some changes made in the house already in preparation for baby. I'll share those soon. We're also still trying to find a hospital and doctor I feel comfortable with and will probably interview a few birth doulas. ooo...and we get to finally start registering for baby things. There is so much information to process and decisions to make. Honestly, it's all kind of overwhelming and scary at the same time that it's exciting and happy.


  1. yay!!! congrats! i am pregnant with my first child as well, just a few weeks ahead of you (i'm 17.5 and due mid-march) finding our midwife and receiving a big binder of what to expect, checklists and helpful tips helped me so so so much in transitioning from "ahh there is too much info!" to "i've got a plan and everything is going smooth." we haven't started shopping for things like strollers yet though, so that could change!! ;) best wishes for a continued healthy & happy pregnancy!

    1. thanks jessica! Yes, I've been following your story and am super excited for you and Scott! It's been a frustrating process having to do with insurance and hospitals etc. I wanted a midwife as well but I guess they are not covered in the area of the network I am in? (big sigh.) I know that once I've settled on a hospital and doctor, I will feel so much better. Thanks for the well wishes and same to you!!

    2. ugh yes, the dreaded insurance. we have to pay 100% out of pocket with no clue what, if any, will get reimbursed. a hard decision for us for sure. looking forward to more pregnancy talk on your blog!

  2. Thanks for the update. You know, Elsie, there's another reason people may ask you how Sergio took it. If his reaction was positive/excited, they probably want to experience that with you vicariously. I can't tell you how many YouTube videos I've seen that actually show the daddy's joy at the moment he is told. They are popular. People like experiencing that moment. At least, that was my thought, when I heard that you were getting that question. Hugs to you!

    1. That's a great perspective! Hadn't thought about that. Thank you!

  3. The first trimester fatigue is the worst!! With Eleanor I would get home from work around 6:30 and fall asleep on the couch before Josh even finished making dinner. And with George it was even worse (probably because I had Eleanor to take care of). I would drop her at school at 8 in the morning and then come home and tell myself that I would close my eyes for a minute before I started working and end up waking up just before I had to pick her up from school at noon. Hang in there though! The second trimester is the best! So much more energy and you get to be cute and pregnant and everyone is nice to you!

    1. Am totally looking forward to 2nd tri! I don't know how any mama gets through 1st tri when they still have a little one running around. hats off Maggie.