Monday, November 12, 2012

Boy oh boy!


A tiny story:
The little boy had an idea. He stole a spool of thread from his mother's sewing supplies and raced to the second story window. He tied the end of the thread to a plastic bag, and let it float into the blustery blue sky. He watched with glee as the bag soared and the entire spool unraveled. His makeshift kite flew so high, so far -- all the way to town.
As Sergio was telling me this story, I could see he was reliving the joy of that day. "It was so high!" he kept saying. His voice was so excited, his eyes shone and in a flash I could see him as he must have been in childhood. So curious, so clever, and brimming with big ideas. I laughed and said, "I wish I could have known you at that age. You must've been a fun little boy." (Via some magical time travel solution, of course.) And I thought, it would be so amazing to have a little Sergio of our own someday.

He told me that story months ago.

Yesterday we hosted a small cake-cutting party to reveal the sex of our baby. The big reveal would be made to both our friends & family and ourselves! We asked our ultrasound technician to not reveal the sex to us but seal the results in an envelope, which we then dropped off with the amazingly talented Sara Tso of Matchbox Kitchen who we hired to bake our custom cake. The entirely frosted caked would be either blue or pink on the inside depending on what was in the envelope. Cutting into the cake would reveal the results!

We have a blue cake!

It was an amazing moment. And we couldn't be happier. I can't wait to meet him, our little boy.

P.S. Thank you Sara! The cake was delicious and perfect. I can't wait to order another one of your creations.


  1. congrats!!!! we just found out what we're having too, but i surely couldn't wait any longer than right there in the doctors office!

  2. Wait...You can't wait to order another baby-gender cake?? Are you trying to have another baby already??! haha