Friday, November 2, 2012

Sifting through the noise

There are entirely too many baby products out in the world. It's all very overwhelming. And a little bit petrifying. What if we choose the wrong, well, anything? So much information, so many options, so much money! I thought I would be super excited to shop for our baby but honestly, I've been silently pushing the entire thought to the blind spot in my brain. Maybe you don't have one of those but conveniently, I do.


Luckily, my awesome friend Betsy put together a comprehensive list of all her favorites since welcoming Elora into the world, complete with wonderful commentary. Also, I'll be looking at lists that mommy bloggers like Joy and Maggie have so helpfully and meticulously posted.

In the end though, I need to remember the most important "thing" to provide our baby is a safe, healthy place to thrive and grow. Just like our parents did -- who had much, much less. In fact, they would be horrified by the sheer number of items marketed as baby essentials these days. Then again, we would probably be horrified at what was considered as baby safe back then.

We just need to buckle down and sift through the noise to get at what is essential, pure and good for baby.

Hey, I know, you are probably not interested in baby items (and I'm not sure if we really need this). But gosh, I literally gasped aloud when I saw this promo video. Wow at 0:13.


  1. Too small, say bored baby at 0:13...

    1. i think it's supposed to be a crib, in which case it would seem fine. but i guess i wouldn't get both this and a pack/play which everyone seems to love so much. ahhh...more decisions. didn't think about baby getting bored.

    2. Better than a crib is a tent for travel. We'll bring you the little one. If your baby is average size it lasts until nine months, if its super-sized like Oscar it will last three or four months. Then you can get a big travel tent, which lasts three-four years. We love our tents.